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Aposelemis Gorge

Aposelemi Gorge

Near Analipsi , you may visit Aposelemis Gorge, its easy to go alone but aslo there is an organised walking excursion to the gorge (the summer time there is no water, just at the beach end of ther river).

The area of Lagada, where the gorge is situated, is full of monuments.
Old aquaducts, traditional villages and Byzantine churches.
Especialy during the Byzantine Period the villages of Avdou and Potamies (which means river in greek) became of great economic value.
Based on the foot of Dikti Mountain this a very fertile part of Crete.


In 2007 the greek government started to build a huge lake to supply Heraklion and surrounding villages of drinkingwater in the fututre.
Allthough close to the touristic areas the gorge is an oasis of silence and beauty.





Aposelemi Gorge

THE PROGRAM of the excursion

The total length is 7 kilometres with a altitude difference of 150 metres.
Average time of waking is 2.5 to 3 hours. After collecting everybody we start walking at
9 o'clock. It takes 20 minutes to the entrance where we leave the dirtroad to continue on the stones and rocks that form the riverbed.
At the end of the gorge we organise a picnic with Cretan specialities and a cool drink.
From there it's 20 minutes to a taverna from where we will bring you back to your hotel.






Aposelemi Gorge


The price of this wonderful half-day walk is about 25 euro per person.
Transfers and picnic included and off-course english speaking guides.



For more info , and in case you like to book visit contact with us at:  guide @ analipsis.com



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