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Jeep Safari
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JEEP Safari !

If you are a sport person and you like adventure you should try Jeep safari!
The closer Jeep safari organizer, is situated 5 km from Analipsi Village, in Hersonissos. So you shoult try it!

A full day program, that gives the sensation of a mini Camel Trophy.
A combination of soft asphalt drive and wild off-road drive leads you through small villages, wine & olive plantations, gorges and wild Lassithi mountains

The tour does not appeal only to the adventures but to all people that love nature. The lunch or BBQ it is absolutely necessary in order to refresh your selves from tiredness of the vibration of the off-road driving.




Off Road

The Jeepsafari in short

Tour starts after everyone has been placed in their jeeps and listened to the instructions from the tourguide.

The first 45 minutes will be over good roads (Good GREEK roads!!).

Through villages one even smaller than the other we will reach the Dikti mountains. Then....coffee in a beautiful setting.
By now everybody knows how to drive the cars, so......offroad into the mountains.After a bit of bouncing and bumping around in your seat and the first portion of real Cretan dust.......freezing water from the mountains to drink, refresh and.....to throw!!
After this experience the hardest part of the track begins, uphill to the Limnakaro plateau(1300 metres).

Time for lunch; the BBQ....a little bit of help and.... bon appetite.

Satisfied with full bellys down to the lassithi plateau...the windmills, and again a lot of dust.
....end of the day you can take a refreshing dip in the sea, or just a nice cold drink. 
Not much detail about the jeepsafari, you have to experience it for yourself.

 Off Road

 Time schedule: Departs around 9am, returns around 5pm. (Depending on the size of the group and weather/
road conditions.)

Area: Drive through the Dikti mountains.(Lassithi)

Stops: During the day there are 3,4 or 5 stops; coffee, waterstops, BBQ and for unexpected situations ( nice get-togethers, nice views, flat tyres etc.)

Food: Supplied by organizers; coffee in the morning, outdoor BBQ, roughly 1pm, there is enough water available on the route, but please bring a refillable water container with you.

Various: All open top jeeps (4 or 5 persons), possibility for self drive , max. size of the group 12 cars, bad "roads", loads of dust and...... a safe speed!!, all under control of experienced tourleaders.

Age: A very much asked question, advise is from 7-8 years till....100! (oldest till now....90 years old!!)


Sample Video






source: http://www.hollandse-jeepsafari.com/



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