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When you decide to visit Analipsi for your vacation or simply pass around, you will realize that there are many things that is worth to see and spent your time pleasantly.



Shrove Monday

The cultural activities in our village begin from "Shrove Monday".

The meaning of Shrove Monday is the beginning of fasting without
meat ,cheese ,fish ,eggs etc. till Easter ( Orthodox religion ).

That day is the first of the 40 days till Easter!

Also there is an old custom for that day.
It is the famous in Greece "flying of the kite" !

For many years this fiesta has been established and a crowd of people is assembled at Analipsis beach where food is offered free of charge.

The cultural association  of Analipsi as well as the Church promise to you a splendid Shrove Monday full of joy and amusement with Cretan music.

View some photos from Shrove Monday Analipsis Crete





Good Friday " Epitaph "

The next activity is the moving of the Epitaph and the Resurrection of Christ.

The Epitaph is decorating every year on Good Thursday after the midnight when the Liturgy finish.

On Good Friday, when "Jesus Died" the costum says that the Epitaph which is full decorated with roses and other flowers should be pass all the streets of the Village.
It is the biggest event of the Holy Week , and you will listen all the night
the bells of the church, beating a doleful pace.

Good Friday night, the villages goes to the Liturgy
When it finish, the priest ,chanter , the men that hanging up the Epitaph, and many people , walk around the streets of the village.
In every crossing streets they pausing for some minutes, because the crowd should pass under the Epitaph 3 times as Greek tradition says.

At the and of the walking the Epitaph returns back to Analipsi Church, and women sitting all over the night.



Good Saturday - Resurrection of Christ.

In the evening of Good Saturday a crowd of people stuff the holy temple of Analipsi, 15 minutes before the announce of "Christos Anesti" , or 23:45 , the priest ,chanter and the people begin to walk to Analipsi's beach.

All the previous days of Holy Week , young men of the village have gathered forest - olive tree woods and have made the famous "Founara" .

At the beach a new Church has been established on 2009,
called Santa Marina, priest makes a small Liturgy .

The crowd is located all over the beach road, each one with his own candle
of course there are big speakers so everybody could listening.

Exactly on 24:00 with the prist chants "Christos Anesti" the young men turn on the woods "Founara", and in a few minutes.
There are also nice fireworks.

The people watching the fire , giving wishes and crack "red eggs" that have been supplied from the church.
The sky get full of Holy light and there are really unusual sensations, created by seeing this spectacle.

Founara is one of the biggest in Crete (about 20m high) and every year it's getting higher,



Name day of Analipsi Church.

An other selebration that taking place to our village is the name day of Analipsi Church,
That is differenent date every year because it depents when the Easter is (40 days after Easter)
Analipsi is very known for its name day and many people visiting the churcg to light candles and get free sweet bread called "Artos" at the finish of the Liturgy.
There are also small market around the church selling toys and souvenirs.
For two nights , local taverns organise Cretan Nights , offering food wine fruits, with Cretan Music live and dance,

Also there is also a celebration for name day of Agia Marina Chapel, which has been established on 2009.
Agia Marina is located 10m from the beach and its design is like Aegean islands, blue and white colors.
This celebration is every year on 17 July .



Artistic August

After the Easter the name days of the churches, summer period is starting ,many visitors come , enjoy the sun and the splendid beaches .

Every July - August the local Community of Hersonisos together
with cultural association of Analipsi, organize Art Events.

Every year there are different events.
There is a party for Youth people(with beach football, volley and grilled food), some small theaters, Greek Karagioz Skies theater,
and rarely some Greek Concerts

We will try to give you the Plan for the next season 2010 as soon as it is ready.


In general lines these are the most important events of Analipsi.
Cultural association of Analipsi , always try to enjoy the visitors and local people, with new events!

See you in Analipsi !!

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