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ANALIPSI Useful Info

Stay Connected

WiFi Spots in Analipsi

Many hotels have adsl connection up to 12Mbps

1. Athina Cafe Bar (on the Beach Road )
2. Orange Cafe (Center of the Village

Also there are plenty Internet Corners with little charge( ~ 1,50 -2,00 euro per  hour)

at: Nireas Cafe Bar

Free located at Tsalos Beach and Athina Cafe


Bank - Cash ATM

As in most countries in the EU the national currency of Greece is the EURO.
Note: there is a problem this summer with and there are not any ATM cash machines in Analipsi, you should visit Gouves or Hersonisos, otherwise use your credit card. 

News(8-2011), ATM placed again in Analipsi but its still out of oder...
We hope  to solve this problem soon

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In case of emergency Analipsi has a small Medical Center.
Cretan Medicare is mainly operative in the province of Heraklion, in the popular tourist resorts Hersonissos, Malia, Stalis and Analipsi.

Address: Analipsi , Main Road to the Beach , 70014 Tel +30 28970-24312
Address: Hersonisos 19 Venizelou Str., 700 14 Tel. +30 28970-25141

Also there is a Regional Clinic Of  Chersonissos , Tel: +30 28970 22042


Local Business

There are many companies in Analipsi,
You may find a Bakery for fresh Bread, also many Supermarkets.
There is also a Hairdresser "Sofia" near the center square Tel: +30 28970 24266.
Many Fashion Stores,

Tools - Paints Stores,
Butcher Shop
Souvenirs Shops

 Find out more

Mobile Phone Service providers in Greece

A local Mobile telephony store is located in Hersonisos , called Germanos (located at the main street of Hersonisos)

Greek Mobile operators
COSMOTE - Mobile Telecommunications S.A.

Vodafone GR

Wind Hellas Telecommunications S.A.

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Photo Printing

Many shops located in Hersonissos  are equipped with modern machines for high quality developing and printing of your photos within 30 minutes.

In these shops you will find also a wide variety of cameras, memory cards and batteries all  at the best prices.

In Analipsi you may give your film, memory card, or you cd to a Supermarket and take after 1-2 hours your photos.
Supermarket IRINI main road accepts photo printing.

Other wise you may go to an Internet Cafe to print them (high cost)

Car - Bike Rental

There are many rental offices in Analipsi, most of them have new safe cars ,
offering reasonable prices and conditions, also some of them provides car
delivery at Heraklion airport.

If you are interesting to rent a car visit our guide to meet them.


Taxi Service

You can find Taxi Services for your transportation around Crete.
call + 30 28970 21222
also you may call
+30 28970 23789
to pick you up from your hotel .

A typical Price for a drive to Hersonisos is about 10 Euro. But it is better to ask first the taxi driver.

Transportation Part1

Crete has an extensive network of good road and regularly scheduled buses serving:

a. city-wide transportation in district capitals.
b. travel from the capital of each district to the other district capitals.
c. travel between the towns and villages in each district.

The bus stop is located at the main road .
You can buy Tickets in the bus.
Busses passing almost every half an hour in Summer and every 1 hour in winter time.


Main destinations from Analipsi ( Direct from Bus Station)

Heraklion (price for summer 2011 is 2.40euro oneway)

Agios Nikolaos
Lasithi Plateau

For Rethimno - Hania - South Crete you have to change Bus inHeraklion main Bus Station

Transportation Part2

Local Bus Routes 2011


Analipsi has a very good transfer bus network.

The last bus to HersonissosMalia passing from Analipsi about 23.30.

During the day there are busses every 15min or 30min

The last from Malia - Hersonissos to Analipsi is about 24.00

Check the shedule below. Malia and Hersonissos are at the same route almost always

- TIMETABLE 2011  from 18/07/2011


From Analipsi Hotels

Also a bus is starting from Analipsi hotel Europa, near Stella Pallace, and goes to Agios Nikolaos (passing from Hersonissos) at 09.15 morning.

From Europa to Heraklion at 09.45 morning.

Check below.(greek)

- TIMETABLE Analpsi 2011  from 20/06/2011





CRETE | GREECE Useful Info

Transport to Crete

In order to visit Crete you may use airplane or boat.

There are everyday flights from all the cities in Greece and from a lot of cities
abroad that have as destination the international airports of Heraklion and Chania.
You may informed for these flights by the airlines like Olympic Airways,
Aegean Airlines, Sky Express or the airlines from abroad (for the charter flights).

If you choose to visit Crete by luxury ships, you may leave from the port of Peiraeus
using Minoan Lines or ANEK for destination Heraklion or Chania.


Useful Telephones for all Greece

First Aid Station  tel: 166
Police                   tel: 100
ELPA Road Assistance tel: 104
Tourist Police                   tel: 171
Greek National Tourist Organization tel: + 30 210 3223111

Useful Telephones for Hersonisos

Police Hersonisos : ( + 30 28970) 22222
Iraklio Port Authorities:( + 30 2810) 266073
Iraklio Airport: ( + 30 2810) 282025

Police Department Of L.Chersonissos 
(Tourist department) +30 28970 21000

Post Office L.Chersonissos , 1 D. Akrita str. 28970 2202228970 23414

General Information

Electric Current
The standard in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz).
Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor.

The currency is the Euro.

Greek time is GMT +2 hours

1 January: New Year's Day
6 January: Epiphany
25 March: National Holiday
1 May: May Day
15 August: Dormition (Assumption) of The Virgin
28 October: National Holiday
25 and 26 December: Christmas


Shopping in Crete
Crete is the ideal destination to shop for a wide variety of products, catering to everybody’s tastes and wishes. 
Prices are very reasonable in relation to product quality and visitors will be able to find something for every budget.

Shops are open Monday through Friday from 09.00 till 14.30 and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday also from 17.30 through 20.30. 
On Saturday shops open from 09.00 till 15.00, while they are closed on Sunday. 
Supermarkets and kiosks may stay open till 22.00.

More specifically, in the centre of large urban areas as well as in tourist areas, tourist shops and kiosks are open
from early in the morning till late at night, seven days a week.