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Analipsi | A brief location description.

Greece Location Over

Analipsi Traditional Village  is located in  Prefecture of Heraklion, Crete .
Heraklion is the most frequented area in Crete, mainly due to its splendid archaeological sites that enchant every visitor and display the magnificence of the Minoan civilization.

The village for is found approximately 20 klm east from the city of Heraklion, the Capital  of the Crete island ,
and only 5 minutes from the popular tourist city of Hersonisos .

It is very easy to reach , even on first time, because of the New High way from Heraklion to Gouves, after Gouves , you have to continue about 5 Km from the Old High way to meet the Village !

Info for correct viewing when open Analipsis and Crete maps beside, use your mouse wheel to zoom moreGreece Location Over
WorldNew July-2011: View and discover Analipsis local village map and Crete map

" Easy read " versions, for detailed view , also you may download and print them!




Analipsi in Google Maps


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Greece Location Over World

Greece | Geographic Location.

Greece is located at the southeast end of Europe and it is the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula.

Greece is referred to as a southern European country, because geographically she is part of this region.



Greece | Cultural Location.

Because of its culture, economy, membership in the European Union, Greece is also part of "Western Europe".

The Minoan culture of Crete and the Cycladic culture of the Aegean islands were the first advanced cultures that
settled in geographic Europe.



Early Helladic civilization (Mycenaean) is widely considered to be the first advanced civilization of Europe since eventually developed into the Classical Greek culture.

Classical Greek ideals were adopted by the Roman empire, thus becoming the foundation of what we recognize today as "Western Culture".




Map of Greece

Grete | A brief travel guide of Crete Greece.

Crete is one of the most frequented islands in Greece and hosts of thousands of visitors every year,
who come to Crete to admire its natural beauty and exquisite archaeological sites,
to experience its genuine hospitality and exciting nightlife, to enjoy its scrumptious and healthy cuisine
and to swim at pristine beaches with crystal clear waters.

All these features make Crete - the bridge between Europe and Africa and a land that blends ancient
civilisations and modern lifestyle - the most inviting and spellbinding holiday spot in Greece.












Print the Map  | Crete - Analipsi

 pdf.pngDownload Analipsi Maps in PDF , for easily print layout,   Download Here





 Details Images of Crete - Analipsi (click to zoom in)


Crete Map





Driving From Heraklion Airport to Analipsi
Analipsi from Satellite




Are you planning to rent a car  with your Flight ?

driving1.jpgFind out how to drive from Heraklion Kazantzakis AirPort to Analipsi Village, It is only about 10-15 min.
You may view real driving Video  , in our Video gallery or directly from Youtube !
Also you might ent your car from a  car rental company of our Analipsis Travel Guide!

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